Customizing 9x setup billboards

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Customizing 9x setup billboards

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It's very easy. For 98/me, Just extract win95bb.ini from precopy*.cab and edit it. Then, put your customized win95bb.ini in the directory of your 9x setup files. Setup will use the file in the directory instead of that in precopy*.cab. you can also change the font and size of these texts.

There are several important things to be noticed. First, make sure font size is not too small or too large. Second, make sure the number of "PanelCount=" in the [Setting] section equals to the number of all panels in the following. Third, make sure the number of "Count=" in every [Panel*] section equals to the lines followed by it, and the length of every text line is not too large (Otherwise, the lines that are too long will be cut at the end of the lines and there might be a half Chinese character shown in Chinese version). for example, if you write 30 panels in the file (the sections [Panel0] to [Panel29] ) , you must set PanelCount=30; if you write 13 text lines in a panel (Text0 to Text12), you must set Count=13 in this panel. the panels and text lines which sequence numbers exceed the number of PanelCount and Count will not be shown. for example, if you set Count=7 in a panel but you write 12 lines for it, the lines 8-12 will be ignored. Setup will show every panels in an equal time by dividing 100% into "PanelCount" copies in file copying process. for example, 3.33% for each panel if PanelCount=30 and 30 panels followed.

For 95, modify the file win95bb.dll instead. you can also replace the bitmaps that display in the left of the billboards. you can open this file with exescope.


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