[REQUEST] Some Windows 10 builds.

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[REQUEST] Some Windows 10 builds.

Post by Orangera1n »

There are some builds that were shared/released but not on the FTP.
They are:
18337.1.19h1_release.190208-1633 (Windows 10 May 2019 Update\19H1)
20282.1.fe_release.210111-1506 (Windows 10 Iron)
20285.1.fe_release.210116-1100 (Windows 10 Iron)
20287.1.fe_release.210124-1100 (Windows 10 Iron)
20289.2.fe_release.210129-1837 (Windows 10 Iron)
20292.1.fe_release.210205-1504 (Windows 10 Iron)
20295.1.fe_release.210212-1600 (Windows 10 Iron)
20298.1.fe_release.210220-1636 (Windows 10 Iron)
20303.1.fe_release.210226-1630 (Windows 10 Iron)
20308.1.fe_release.210305-1700 (Windows 10 Iron)
20313.1.fe_release.210312-1606 (Windows 10 Iron)
20317.1.fe_release.210318-1714 (Windows 10 Iron)
20324.3.fe_release.210327-1200 (Windows 10 Iron)
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Re: [REQUEST] Some Windows 10 builds.

Post by Windows Thunderstruck »

I uploaded builds 20282 to 20324 last thursday
They have yet to be on the ftp =/

I havent uploaded 18337 yet

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Re: [REQUEST] Some Windows 10 builds.

Post by AlphaBeta »

It might be worth noting that 20282 and later were only released as Docker container base images, so anything else is unoriginal
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