What Win11 SE might be

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What Win11 SE might be

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Windows 11 SE might be a successor to Windows 10X.

Windows 10X was supposed to be a cloud based version of Windows 10. It however did not make it to RTM before being cancelled.

Most of 10X’s UI and functionality was merged into 11.

11 SE is referred to by DISM as “CloudEdition”. It also only allows Microsoft accounts to sign in (unless you skip OOBE and create a local account or put it in audit mode). For some odd reason the Microsoft Store is blocked but this is a pre release build so that could change.
In recent builds of W11 when running Windows 11 SE a message is shown in the upper right corner - “This PC isn’t set up securely—data may be at risk. Contact your retailer or manufacturer for service and repair.”
This could be that the system requirements of 11 SE are even more demanding than 11. Which would make sense if 11 SE is a cloud based version of Windows. It also means that SE could mean “Secure Edition”.
If you sign in with a Microsoft Account, you cannot access the C:\ drive.
Windows 10 should've been named Windows X

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