Angry Birds PC Versions

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Angry Birds PC Versions

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I know People won't care but, it applies since it was discontinued on 2014. Angry Birds was a Mobile game released on 2009. The game became well known in 2010 and PC Ports were created. Rovio released as well with the original game port for other Angry Birds Games. These games are Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars 1 and 2, and Bad Piggies. They got discontinued because Rovio started to focus on Mobile insted of everywhere, but not without multiple versions getting released and one getting leaked. I have some of them and to peserved for later fans wanting to try them out, I want to upload these versions aswell to versions that I don't have to the public(I AM AWARE ANGRY BIRDS FRIENDS AND ANGRY BIRDS 2 GOT PORTED, BUT THAT ONES AREN'T DISCONTINUED AND ARE ON THE WINDOWS STORE)

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Re: Angry Birds PC Versions

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Go for it, however iirc there was online activation with the pc versions (i can still remember my copy of ab star wars ii being unable to activate after the end of support)
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