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{{Infobox WindowsBuild
{{Infobox WindowsBuild
|caption = 5.1.2463.main.010328-182
|caption = 5.1.2463.main.010328-1824
|kernel = NT 5.1
|kernel = NT 5.1
|arch = x86
|arch = x86

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Build of Windows XP
Kernel NT 5.1
Architecture x86
SKUs Professional
BIOS date 2001-03-29

Windows XP build 2463 is a broken build of Windows XP. This build was either leaked corrupted or got corrupted somewhere down the line. By using some files from build 2462, you can get this build work.

A video of a supposed uncorrupted build 2463 was shown on November 20, 2014, by WhistlerInstalls.

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