Windows XP/5.0.2202.1.ntvbl06.000202-1835

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Kernel version NT 5.0
CPU Architecture x86
Edition Professional
BIOS date February 3, 2000
Key and TCB link No key required

Windows XP build 2202 (with a buildtag of 5.0.2202.1.ntvbl06.000202-1835) is the earliest leaked build of Windows XP from February 2000. It identifies itself as SD Windows 2000 Professional. SD refers to Microsoft's Source Depot, a new code management system they began using to manage several build labs.

Issues and Quirks


The unmodified copy of build 2202 will BSOD during setup, requiring the use of KenOath's boot disk. The boot disk allows you to partition and format your hard drive, and then run setup. A modified version of this build removes mentions of Windows 2000 to say Windows Whistler, often confusing people on whether this is a Post-RTM build of Windows 2000, or an early Windows XP build.

Graphical Issues

Because 2202 has a bad graphical rendering engine, program windows often still appear on the desktop after the program has been closed. This build is also known to not work with drivers for VMware Workstation 7 and newer.

Closing Program Windows

Occasionally, the traditional method of closing program windows doesn't work. However, they can be closed by right-clicking on them on the taskbar.