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* '''''[[Windows:Whistler:2410.main.001208-1937|Whistler Build 2410.main.001208-1937]]'''''
* '''''[[Windows:Whistler:2410.main.001208-1937|Whistler Build 2410.main.001208-1937]]'''''
* [[Windows:Whistler:2410.idx02.001212-1507|Whistler Build 2410.idx02.001212-1507]]
* [[Windows:Whistler:2410.idx02.001212-1507|Whistler Build 2410.idx02.001212-1507]]
* [[Windows:Whistler:2415.lab06_N.010102-????|Whistler Build 2415.lab06_N.010102-????]]
* '''[[Windows:Whistler:2415.lab06_N.010102-1932|Whistler Build 2415.lab06_N.010102-1932]]'''
* '''''[[Windows:Whistler:2416.idx01.010104-1958|Whistler Build 2416.idx01.010104-1958]]'''''
* '''''[[Windows:Whistler:2416.idx01.010104-1958|Whistler Build 2416.idx01.010104-1958]]'''''
* '''''[[Windows:Whistler:2419.idx02.010113-1154|Whistler Build 2419.idx02.010113-1154]]'''''
* '''''[[Windows:Whistler:2419.idx02.010113-1154|Whistler Build 2419.idx02.010113-1154]]'''''

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Windows XP Logo.png
Microsoft Windows XP
Preliminary name
Kernel version NT 5.1, NT 5.2
CPU architecture x86 x64
Release date 8/24/2001
Support end Discontinued as of 8/4/2014
Preceded by 2000 / Neptune
Succeeded by Longhorn / Vista

Windows XP (codenamed Whistler) is an operating system developed by Microsoft, and the successor to Windows ME and Windows 2000. It was released to manufacturing on August 24, 2001, while its server countarpart, Windows Server 2003, was released almost two years later. The name, XP, stands for eXPerience.

Windows XP bridged the gap between the Windows 9x and Windows NT series of operating systems; ending the former, while bringing the stability and security of the latter to consumers.

A 64-bit version of the operating system, based on the Windows Server 2003 kernel, was made available on April 25, 2005.

Windows XP support ended on April 8 2014 , while it's server counterpart is scheduled to end about a year later. However , antimalware signatures are still being produced for Windows XP for a year after the End-Of-Life(EOL)


  • Starter This version was intended for emerging markets. Cannot launch more than 3 programs at a time and can utilize only up to a maximum of 512MB RAM. This version is meant for low-cost PC's.
  • Home Edition This edition is for low to mid end PCs and can address up to 4 GB RAM. This version was included in ULPC(Ultra Low PC's)
  • Professional This is the mainstream high end version.
  • Media Center Edition This version is specially for Media Center based PC. System requirements are significantly higher than other editions. This version includes Media Center and new themes.
  • Embedded This version is intended for the embedded sector.
  • Tablet PC Edition This version was included in tablets from 2002-2006(+). This is the tablet-optimized version of Windows XP.
  • Windows XP 64-bit Edition This version was intended for 64-bit PC's and thus could address far more RAM amounts. One such edition was for Itanium as well.


  • Visual Styles: A theming engine was designed by Microsoft which included the new Luna interface. The previous placeholder theme, Watercolor, was replaced in later versions of the operating system.


  • No information available
  • Existence doubtful
  • Information or pictures available
  • Leaked or released

Early development

Beta 1

Pre-Beta 2

Beta 2







Service Pack 1 Beta

Service Pack 1

Service Pack 2 Beta

Service Pack 2

Service Pack 3 Beta

Service Pack 3