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The Service Pack calendar confirming Triton had its own service packs

Microsoft Windows "Triton" is a cancelled version of Microsoft Windows. The confidential documents used against Microsoft in the Comes vs. Microsoft case provide information that Triton was not a service pack for the unreleased Windows Neptune as originally thought, but in fact its successor.

The documents show the planned service packs for Triton and shows the planning of what it will run on. The document also states on page 67 that the RTM for Triton was planned in March 2001, Service Pack 1 in May 2001, Service Pack 2 in September 2001, Service Pack 3 in January 2002 and Service Pack 4 in July 2002. Microsoft was planning a 64-bit version of Neptune, as well as Triton. In the Windows Desktop Product Roadmap on page 26, it describes Triton as a minor release to NepTune userbase - "continue refining products based on PC capability".

It is unknown whether any builds of Triton were ever compiled, though it was probably canceled during planning stages.

Microsoft's Main Focus

The document overview on page 73 of the confidential documents describes Triton as:


  • Minor release/update to NT NepTune
  • Date-driven to support new hardware


  • Standard: General Business, consumers, and work at homes
  • Entry Level: Basic consumers only, new PC users
  • High End: Technical workstation users

External Dates

  • RTM: 4QFT01 (ALL)

Features - Standard

  • Incremental shell improvements, particularly for consumers (new generation UI not delivered until next major NT release)
  • IntelliMirrowZAW 2.0 enhancements
  • Integrated storage enhancements
  • Support new hardware

Features - Entry Level

  • Subset of Standard

Features - High End

  • Enhanced NT64 capablilities

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