Windows Server 2012/6.2.8102.0.winmain win8m3.110828-1455

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Build of Windows Server 2012
Windows 8 Build 8102(3).png
Windows 8 Developer Preview Server Classic Desktop.
Kernel version NT 6.2
CPU Architecture x64
SKUs Developer Preview (Full, Core, On Demand)
BIOS date none

Along side Windows 8 build 8102 Developer Preview, a server version was released for MSDN subscribers.
This version is x64 only and comes in 3 flavors, Full, Core and On Demand.
Unlike it's counterpart (the client, which is an special recompile for BUILD) it starts with the Classic Desktop but the new Start is available.


  • New Lock Screen
  • New OOBE
  • New Installer
  • IE10 Platform Preview 3
  • Aero Extended
  • Aero Lite
  • Start Screen
  • Ribbon
  • New BSOD
  • New Server Manager