Windows Server 2012

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Version of Microsoft Windows
Windows 8 Build 8102(3).png
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Build 8102
Codename Server 8
Kernel NT 6.2
Architecture x64
Latest build 6.2.8400.0.winmain win8rc.120518-1423
Licence Microsoft EULA
Release date --
Support end --
Replaces Server 2008 R2
Replaced by None

Windows Server 2012 is the upcoming successor of Windows Server 2008 R2. It carries the same kernel as its client counterpart Windows 8.

Build List

Milestone 3

Beta Escrow

  • 6.2.8226.0.winmain_win8beta_srv.120207-2235

Consumer Preview

  • 6.2.8250 - 8250.0.WINMAIN_WIN8BETA.120217-1520

Release Preview

  • 6.2.8400.0.winmain win8rc.120518-1423

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