Windows RT 8.1

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Windows RT 8.1
Version of Microsoft Windows
Windows RT 8.1 "Update 3"
Codename "Windows on ARM"
Kernel NT 6.3
Architecture ARM
Latest build 6.3.9600
Release date 2014-04-08
Replaces Windows RT

Windows RT 8.1 is the successor to Windows RT, and is the ARM counterpart of Windows 8.1. It contains many of the improvement found in it's counterpart, such as unifed search and improved Start customization. Update 1 of Windows RT 8.1 was made available on Windows Update on April 8, 2014.

However, it still contains the main limitations of Windows 8, such as the inability to run native desktop programs.

In October 2015, Microsoft quietly pushed an Update for Windows RT 8.1 called "Update 3" (KB3033055). This introduced the start menu to Windows RT. It is visually similar to the start menu found in early Windows 10 Technical (insider) Preview builds 9481, 9860 & 9879.


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