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Windows RT on a Qualcomm tablet
Codename(s) "Windows on ARM"
Kernel version NT 6.2
CPU Architecture ARM
Release date ?
Licence Microsoft EULA
Support end ?
Other versions

Windows RT is the name of Windows 8 on ARM-based devices and is not to be confused with the Windows Runtime framework present on all builds of Windows 8.


Windows RT was initially tested on smartphones with Windows 7 code. Later, Windows RT was shown at CES 2011, running on Intel Atom (x86), Texas Instruments OMAP (ARM), NVidia Tegra (ARM) and Qualcomm Snapdragon (ARM) development hardware.

Microsoft have said all software for Windows RT will be downloaded through the Windows Store and Windows Update. Traditional desktop applications will not be able to run on Windows RT, instead they must be written for the Metro environment. Some exceptions to this restriction are the core Windows applications (i.e. Windows Explorer), Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office 2012, which will come with every production Windows RT device. This restriction has prompted Mozilla and Google to criticize Microsoft for employing anti-competitive actions.


Pre-Milestone 1

Milestone 2


Release Candidate

Note: There is no public Release Candidate of Windows RT, instead, these builds are (presumably) forked from RC-level code.

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