Windows Nashville/4.10.999

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Nashville 999.png
Kernel version 4.10
CPU architecture x86
Edition N/A
BIOS date 30th November 1995
TCB No key required

Windows Nashville build 999 is one of the earliest Windows Nashville builds, and currently the only complete build (as in more than just Internet Explorer 4.0 with the updated web integrated shell) that is widely available.

Although this build includes several updated features, such as the Athena PIM (later Internet Mail and News, Outlook, and Outlook Express), but it also includes a preliminary version of the web integrated shell, although it is exceptionally early in this stage, and the Internet Explorer (later Internet Explorer 4.0, obviously) is only partially functional, due to being just a mere shell extension in this build.

This build also contains references to other such updates, such as USB support, among other such things, and even has some occasional references to the product name being "Windows 96" (such as setupc.inf), despite the rest of the references being "Windows 95".

This build is also present on various warez CD lists, being identified as "Windows '96".