Windows NT 4.0/4.0.1314.1

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Windows NT 4.0 build 1314 is a Beta 2 build of Windows NT 4.00. This build is very similar to final RTM at first glance. This build seems to have no timebomb. It installs fine with current date and time.


This build's ISO isn't bootable. You need to use an external boot disk to partition and format the hard drive, then install Windows NT. It's recommended that you use an MS-DOS boot disk with CD-ROM support (with FDisk and included). In the example below an MS-DOS 6.22 boot disk preloaded with CD-ROM drivers, FDisk and will be used.

  1. Boot from the boot disk.
  2. Open FDisk and create a primary active partition.
  3. Reboot when asked.
  4. Make an unconditional format to the created partition. It will be assigned with letter C if no other drives or partitions exist on the disk. If other partitions exist on the disk, open FDisk and choose option 4 to see a list of drives so you can identify the drive where you are going to install NT 1314.
  5. Open your CD drive (Usually assigned with letter D).
  6. Change directory to i386 (I doubt you are installing NT on an Alpha/MIPS/PowerPC system)
  7. Type "winnt /b" without quotes. This will prepare the installation to install without needing the CD anymore.
  8. Remove the boot disk, the NT 1314 CD and reboot

After this the installation is just like any other Windows NT 4 installation.