Windows NT 4.0/4.0.1198.1

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NT 4 1198.png
Windows NT 4.0 Server 4.0.1198.1
Kernel version 4.0
CPU Architecture x86
Edition Server
BIOS date n/a : incomplete media
Key and TCB link {{{tcb_link}}}

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Build 1198.1 is a build of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. This build only leaked in the server variant, the workstation variant remains unleaked.

Incomplete Media

The publicly leaked iso is missing a few important files like winnt.exe and ntoskrnl.exe and has been modified with files from 1227. However recently gus33000 on the BA forums did found a way to install this build with files from 1175. The installations steps, rather complex are automated and included with his project WDPSL.


Some people think that this build is a mislabeled build as 1227 and corrupted but the files with the 1198.1 version number are not found in build 1227 and a file about.txt in the public leak seems to show that it has been indeed modded with files from 1227. Another confusion is the fact that some people believe that this build is a workstation build, however the files txtsetup.sif and _LAYOUT.INF state that this build is a server build. Those file are proved to come from the actual 1198 build because they reference some files specific to the server variant and some of these are included in the leak.

New Features

Despite the fact that this build is missing quite a few files, we can see some new features because the application files such as task manager are included in the leak. One of these is the start of revamping the task manager which is bigger in this build.