Windows NT 3.1/1991-10 build

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1991-10 build
Build of Windows NT 3.1
Windows NT 10-1991 - 18 - Program Manager.png
Program Manager
Kernel NT
Architecture x86
SKUs Workstation
BIOS date 1991-10-02
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October 1991 pre-release of Windows NT 3.1 is the earliest leaked Windows NT build. It was originally was compiled for the COMDEX Trade Show in October 1991. Interestingly, this build does not have a build number. WINVER reports it as Version VERSION. People speculate that this build was rushed to completion so it was ready in time for the show, which would explain the lack of a build number and MIPS port. The October 1991 pre-release is also one of few Windows NT builds before Longhorn build 4001 to have a fully graphical setup, a feature which later returned in 4001 with the WIM-based setup.

Bugs and Quirks

  • Password authentication doesn't work in this build yet.
  • The user cannot shutdown Windows. They have to shutdown the computer itself.

Demo Applications

Win Bez

Win Bez demonstrates the Windows NT Graphics Device Interface (GDI), an API which is responsible for the rendering of graphical objects on the display.

Performance Meter

Performance Meter measures the performance of the NT kernel.


PlayIt demonstrates the sound and music abilites of Windows in general.


As suggested by the name, Multithrd demonstrates the multithreading abilities of Windows NT.



Demonstration and Applications