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Windows ME

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Windows ME Logo.png
Microsoft Windows ME
Preliminary name
Kernel version 16/32 bit hybrid, ver. 4.90
CPU architecture x86
Release date 14/09/2000
Support end Expired 11/07/2006
Preceded by Windows 98
Succeeded by Neptune / Windows XP
Windows ME retail packaging.

Windows Millennium Edition (referred as Windows ME) was the last 16/32 bit hybrid version of Microsoft Windows. It was released to manufacturing on June 19, 2000 and to retail on September 14, 2000.[1] It was criticized due to its instability, and was sold on the market for a total of 402 days before being superseded by Windows XP on October 25, 2001.[2] Some components of Windows 2000, such as the TCP/IP stack, were ported to Windows ME.

Prior to the release of Windows ME, Microsoft had planned for Windows Neptune to bridge the gap between the 9x series and Windows NT. However, Microsoft changed its plans in early 1999 and decided to release another 16/32-bit hybrid operating system, postponing the release of Neptune. Later, the Neptune project was scrapped in favor of Windows XP (then codenamed Whistler). Notably, some of the features scheduled for Neptune, such as the Help and Support Activity Center, were included in Windows ME.[3]

Although generally perceived to be a failure, Windows ME introduced several features which would later be deemed beneficial,[2] including Automatic Updates,[4] System Restore,[5] Windows Image Acquisition,[6] and Windows Movie Maker. It is also the first consumer oriented version of Windows to natively offer support for USB mass storage devices.


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