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Template:Infobox WindowsBuild Windows Longhorn Build 4074 is an official WinHEC 2004 preview build, which leaked in May, 2004.

It was among the first to include the (then-new) Jade visual style, and the Segoe UI font. Many icons from Windows XP were replaced with new, high-resolution versions.

There are three different architecture compilations of this build. These are x86, amd64, and IA-64; all of which have been leaked and are available on the BetaArchive FTP server.


Many people confuse the build number with "4047" instead of 4074.


Many features that were present in other builds have been removed or hidden in this build. As a result, the features that remained were improved, which include:

  • Complete DWM Aero Effects - This build, unlike many other leaked builds, is the first build to have complete Aero effects in Explorer and Internet Explorer. However, a registry modification is required to extend the effect into the full UI of Explorer and Internet Explorer. The green translucent effect is used natively in this build instead of transparent "Glass".
  • Aero Stars - An animated desktop which shows stars bouncing around the screen.
  • Improved Preview and Filter Panes - This build has these panes improved, especially the Preview Pane, which is more functional than its leaked server counterpart, Server2008:4066.main.040226-1010
  • Animated Preview Pane Aurora - This build contains an Animated Preview Pane Aurora, but requires some modification to enable it.

Only the x86 version has these features.


There are some bugs/issues present in this build, some of which are:

  • Folder Creation Bug - There is a bug present in this build that prevents occasional creation of folders in Explorer. However, several unofficial patches have been created to address this issue. You can try this fix (that may or may not work). Save the following in a text file and change its extension to .reg. Then double-click it to add it to the registry.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  • Faulty File Browse UI - The main File Browse UI has two noticeable bugs. The first being that the Navigation Bar only allows for navigation by clicking on parent directories in the bar. The second being that the Filter and Preview panes may occasionally appear black or show parts of content behind the window.
  • Broken Safe Mode - This build has a glitch with the Explorer Safe Mode desktop prompt. The prompt will appear titled "Desktop" and will ask to proceed to work in safe mode or to System Recovery. Clicking Yes will hardly perform any action and will bring up another exact prompt. The desktop will not appear with the prompt and Explorer may not launch. However you can launch Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc with which you can launch any programs you need or even browse in a limited way (By opening the Run dialog and clicking Browse).

Enabling Aero

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