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{{infobox Buildinfo
|image = 4053main031022-1720.png
|imagecaption = Windows "Longhorn" 6.0.4053
|kernel = NT 6.0
|arch= x86
|mcb_link = [https://thecollectionbook.info/builds/windows/build/526 CKY24-Q8QRH-X3KMR-C6BCY-T847Y]
|sku = Professional
|bios = April 20 2004
'''Windows "Longhorn" build 4053''' (with a build tag of '''4053.main.031022-1720''') is a Milestone 7 build of the [[Microsoft]] [[Windows Longhorn|Windows "Longhorn"]] operating system. The build is reported to have leaked on March 1, 2004.
[[WinFS]] is included with this build. Networking support has been improved from 4051, and issues with icons have been fixed.
*The normal method of creating user accounts does not work in this build. However, accounts can still be created with the ''control userpasswords2'' command.
*The History feature of [[Internet Explorer]] does not work.
*The MFU list of the Windows ''Start'' menu resets itself after every reboot.
*If a menu overlaps with the [[Windows Sidebar]], it may remove the Sidebar gradient located under the overlapped area. To correct this, resize a Sidebar Tile over the affected area, and return it to its original size.
*If [[Windows Explorer]] or Internet Explorer stop responding, the classic title bar may be seen.
*In Outlook 2003, when you click on “Personal Folders”, it displays the HTML source of ''Outlook Today'' instead of the rendered page.
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