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Windows Longhorn/6.0.3683.Lab06 N.020923-1821

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Template:Infobox WindowsBuild Windows "Longhorn" 3683 (with a build tag of 3683.Lab06 N.020923-1821) is a leaked build of the Microsoft Windows "Longhorn" operating system. Compiled on September 23, 2002, build 3683 is one of the first builds leaked to the public. Due to the operating system being so early in the development process, only a small number of changes were observed from Windows XP. It is the first build to include the Desktop Composition Engine,which provides window transparency and visual effects, but it's very buggy.

Features in build 3683 include the Plex visual style, Internet Explorer 6.05, the Windows Sidebar, and a display settings applet based on the Windows Presentation Foundation (then codenamed Avalon).

Build 3683 is incompatible with a number of applications that require Windows XP or earlier. Many of these compatibility issues can be solved by running applications in Windows Compatibility Mode or by editing the CSDVersion key located in the Windows Registry.

Although this build is stable when compared to later builds of "Longhorn", Windows Explorer is known to crash frequently and will occasionally fail to terminate while ending the computer session.


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