Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

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Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
Version of Microsoft Windows
012709 2057 WindowsFund15.png
Codename Eiger, Monch
Kernel NT 5.1
Architecture x86
Latest build 5.1.2600.0
Release date 2006-07-08
Support end 2014-04-08
Replaced by Windows Thin PC
Windows FLP Desktop

Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is a lighter version of the Windows XP operating system developed by Microsoft, and is designed for companies with older hardware. Many components of the operating system are optional, tailoring to specific needs.

WinFLP uses Service Packs for Windows Embedded.

The only legal way to obtain the OS is through the Software Assurance program.



  • Paint
  • Backgrounds
  • Screensavers



  • No information available
  • Existence doubtful
  • Information or pictures available
  • Leaked or released



Service Pack 3