Windows 98/4.10.1434

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Build of Windows 98
Windows 98 4.1.1434
Kernel version 4.1
CPU Architecture x86
SKUs n/a
BIOS date 1997/04/22

Memphis Build 1434 is a developer release of Windows 98, it was compiled on April 21, 1997. It was leaked by DiskingRound on August 27, 2014.

Because the dates of 1434 and 1488 are so close, this means that Microsoft must have skipped builds at some point. This is a WinHEC and a Comdex build because 1511 crashed. It was released on April 28, 1997 as an update to the WinHEC release (build 1423). This build has a new installer similar to the one in 1488.

Just like 1423, this build has no IE4 shell and can't find the files from the Memphis CD-ROM at the end. To fix this the files must be copied from the CD to a folder on the C: drive. This build was found on a Crazy Bytes disc, volume 16, leaked by GLoW.

This build introduces a new bug reporter, with a warning asking you if you are part of the Memphis beta program.