Windows 98/4.03.1132

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This build, being extremely early in comparison with later builds, was forked from Windows 95 OSR 2.x (codenamed "Detroit"), and as such, does not stand out from its roots much, with the restart of its development based on the Windows 95 OSR 2.x codebase even causing the version number to temporarily shift downwards from 4.10 to 4.03, although it later shifted back to 4.10 in the later builds after this build was compiled.

Although the updates found in this build are mostly the same as those provided by Windows 95 OSR 2.x itself, it was by this point that Microsoft had not only started implementing the Windows Driver Model (a unified driver model for both, Windows 9x and Windows NT), but also by this point that Microsoft replaced the USB support with a later version, this time, a WDM-based one.

Although the System Properties for this build incorrectly refers to it as being "Windows 95" and "4.00.950 C" (a consequence of it being forked from Windows 95 OSR 2.x, where the external version number was not even the same as the internal one), this build still references itself as being "Microsoft Memphis" within the MS-DOS Prompt, and version "4.03.1132" as per what the VER command states.

This build was referenced within the documentation as being a "WDM/USB supplement" version of Windows 95, and still had much of the pre-release documentation from the Detroit builds, since Microsoft apparently reused them for this particular series of Memphis builds.