Windows 95/4.00.99

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Build of Windows 95
Kernel 4.00
Architecture x86
Key Beta ID: 101907
Password: 999b4cb09
TCB Build Page Click here

Windows 95 build 99 is mentioned in Release Notes from build 122, along with builds 73, 108 and 116. It was leaked by BA member sunnyblueman, along with builds 73f and 116. It is similar in looks to 81, though somewhat more polished.


Installing from Windows 95 Boot Floppy
1. Prepare Disk with fdisk.exe, reboot, then format. C:
2. Change to the CD-ROM and enter the RETAIL directory.
3. Run setup.exe
4. Accept the default settings then continue to the file copying process. You may also customize the features to be installed. If you are asked to set a computer name and workgroup name, do so.
5. When complete, reboot with the floppy still connected.
6. Run and press ALT+F+O. Browse to C:\config.sys
7. Change Files=30 and Buffers=30 to Files=90 and Buffers=90
8. Save changes (ALT+F+S) then exit (ALT+F+X)
9. Remove floppy and then boot to Windows.

Changes From Build 81

1. Networking configured before file copying.
2. Help button removed.
3. New text after choosing to install plus pack.

Not yet added

Boot Issues

This build hangs at the Windows Chicago logo and won't boot in fail-safe mode.