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Windows Chicago build 73g
Kernel version Windows 9x (4.00)
CPU Architecture x86
Edition N/A
BIOS date 03/12/1993
Key and TCB link No key required

Windows Chicago build 73g is Chicago Preliminary Development Kit 2 release and the culmination of Milestone 5. It has several improvements from the first PDK/M4 (build 58s).


Installing from Windows 95 Boot Floppy
1. Prepare Disk with fdisk.exe, reboot, then format. C:
2. Change to the CD-ROM and enter the RETAIL directory.
3. Run setup.exe
4. Accept the default settings then continue to the file copying process. You may also customize the features to be installed.
5. When complete, reboot with the floppy still connected.
6. Run and press ALT+F+O. Browse to C:\config.sys
7. Change Files=30 and Buffers=30 to Files=90 and Buffers=90
8. Save changes (ALT+F+S) then exit (ALT+F+X)
9. Remove floppy and then boot to Windows.

Changes from Build 73f

1. The desktop background is centered by default instead of tiled.

1. Reverted the version number from 1.16 Internal to 1.14.
2. Replaced the internal "Contact Information" frame with the original "Primary Contact Information" and "Please list a secondary contact..." frames.
3. Changed the Team name from "Microsoft Systems Beta Group" to "Microsoft WPG Beta Team".
4. Replaced the "Change Configuration Info" and "Generate Report" buttons with "Change Site Information" and "Write Report to Disk", respectively.
5. Clicking the "Write Report to Disk" button will now only allow you to save your report to the hard disk, instead of giving you the option to send directly to the Chicago team.

Build 73

Build 73 was available on the FTP for some time before it was discovered that it's a modification of build 73g and was removed. However, it is safe to assume that builds 73 and 73a-73e also exist.

"Build 78"

Build 78 was originally leaked to another beta community. It was eventually found out to have been fixed with files from build 73g and most of its files were modified 73g files, so it was removed from the FTP.