Windows 95/4.00.73f

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Kernel version Windows 9x (4.00)
CPU architecture x86
Edition N/A
BIOS 24th November 1993
TCB link Beta ID: 101907
Password: 999b48e76

Windows 95 build 73f was leaked by member sunnyblueman, along with builds 99 and 116. It is identical to build 73g, except that it is an internal Microsoft build and thus contains an internal version of the WinBug program. 73g, on the other hand, was released to testers and contains a public version of WinBug.

This build is also affected by the CAB32.EXE error, which can be fixed just like in other builds.


Installing from Windows 95 boot floppy:

  1. Prepare disk with fdisk, reboot, then format (format C:).
  2. Change path to the CD-ROM and go to the RETAIL directory.
  3. Run setup.
  4. Accept the default settings and then continue to the file copying process.
  5. When complete, reboot with the floppy still connected.
  6. Run edit and press ALT+F+O. Browse to C:\config.sys.
  7. Change Files=30 and Buffers=30 to Files=90 and Buffers=90.
  8. Save changes (ALT+F+S) then exit (ALT+F+X).
  9. Remove floppy and then boot to Windows.

Changes from build 58s


  • The Windows Setup text has changed to Chicago Setup.
  • General improvements to the installer.
  • New background image.
  • A non-disclosure agreement now appears before setup starts.
  • SETUP.EXE can now be run directly from the DOS prompt.
  • You now have an option to run a basic or custom setup.


  • New first time boot screen.
  • The "Warning" dialog opened when Windows starts up was removed.
  • New login dialog.
  • New sound after setup.
  • File Cabinet>> was replaced with My Computer>>.
  • Parent Folder in explorer was removed.
  • Tracker application was removed.
  • White box on the taskbar was replaced with running applications by default.
  • New shutdown screen.


  • Version has updated from 1.14 to 1.16 - internal.
  • Various minor amendments.

Hidden Start button and menu

This is also the earliest build to contain the new Start button (though it is first enabled by default in build 81), located in CAB32.EXE. Even though this is an internal build, it is not used and was likely toggled on and off during the compiling process. However, member Hounsell successfully enabled the hidden Start menu and button in build 73g, the same procedure can of course be applied to 73f as well. A tutorial is available here.