Windows 95/4.00.58s

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Chicago Build 58s Chic58s 10.png
Kernel version Windows 9x (4.00)
CPU architecture x86
Edition N/A
BIOS 10th August 1993
TCB link Beta ID: 990036

Windows 95 build 58s is the Chicago Preliminary Development Kit build and part of the Milestone 4 stage. It is currently the earliest leaked build of Chicago. It is most known for its early shell, which had 3 start buttons and menus instead of one. There was believed to be a build 56 of Chicago for many years. It was later found to be a modification of 58s and removed from the FTP.


  • You can store any folder on the taskbar.
  • There are three buttons available on the taskbar. The first is used for the main process. The second is used for finding. The third is used for help.
  • This build includes a new boot screen that is available inside C:\LOGO.SYS.
  • Dr. Watson and Tracker now starts by default.
  • CAB32.EXE was added for exploring files and folders easier without File Manager. It is available on the desktop as File cabinet>>.
  • Recycle Bin was added, called Recycle.bin.
  • Windows 3.1 programs are stored inside the Programs folder.
  • Network folder was added, called Network>>.
  • Clock was added to the taskbar.


  • The user interface now has a rectangle instead of a radius rectangle.
  • Desktop color changed to turquoise. Desktop wallpaper changed to WARNING.BMP, saying "Under Construction".


Installing from Windows 95 boot floppy:

  1. Prepare disk with fdisk, reboot, then format (format C:).
  2. Change path to the CD-ROM and go to the RETAIL directory.
  3. Run dossetup.
  4. Accept the default settings and then continue to the file copying process.
  5. When complete, reboot with the floppy still connected.
  6. Run edit and press ALT+F+O. Browse to C:\config.sys.
  7. Change Files=30 and Buffers=30 to Files=90 and Buffers=90.
  8. Save changes (ALT+F+S) then exit (ALT+F+X).
  9. Remove floppy and then boot to Windows.