Windows 8/6.2.8400.0.winmain win8rc.120518-1423

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Build of Windows 8
Win 8 8400.png
6.2.8400.0.winmain win8rc.120518-1423
Kernel NT 6.2
Architecture x86, x64
BIOS date May 31, 2012

Windows 8 build 8400 is the Release Candidate build of Windows 8.


This build was leaked to a Chinese file sharing website a few days before the official release, however, it was in Simplified Chinese and several files in the install.wim were corrupt.


This build was shown at Computex 2012 on an Asus Taichi notebook/tablet convertible. It was shown as being the Enterprise SKU and it also showed off a new activation reminder.

ARM counterpart

This build was also shown on MSDN Channel 9 - Developing for Windows on ARM.


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