Windows 8/6.2.7989.0.winmain.110421-1825

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Build of Windows 8
Windows 8 7989.png
Windows 8 7989.0.winmain.110421-1825
Kernel version NT 6.2
CPU Architecture AMD64
SKUs Client Ultimate
BIOS date April 22, 2011

This build is newer than the build that was demoed at D9. It features:

  • Aero Lite with blur glass
  • A new version of the crossword puzzle
  • New Help UI
  • Tablet Input Panel on the Superbar
  • Metro login screen
  • Pattern logon
  • Metro OOBE
  • Immersive Browser
  • Immersive Control Panel
  • Immersive PDF reader

The User Tile does not work, but when fixing an error in twinui.dll, it gets fixed and is usable again.

DWM is very buggy and unstable in this build. When switching to a High Contrast theme, DWM still runs, with glass, but as you change to different High Contrast themes every few seconds, DWM slowly deteriorates until it stops working unless the user restarts the computer.