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|tcb_link = [http://www.thecollectionbook.info/builds/windows/build/117 D4F6K-QK3RD-TMVMJ-BBMRX-3MBMV]
|tcb_link = [http://www.thecollectionbook.info/builds/windows/build/117 D4F6K-QK3RD-TMVMJ-BBMRX-3MBMV]
'''Windows 8 build 7955''' (with a builtag of '''6.2.7955.0.fbl srv wdacxml.110228-1930''') is a build of [[Windows 8]]. It was leaked to BetaArchive on April 25, 2011.
'''Windows 8 build 7955''' (with a builtag of '''6.2.7955.0.fbl_srv_wdacxml.110228-1930''') is a build of [[Windows 8]]. It was leaked to BetaArchive on April 25, 2011.
== Features ==
== Features ==

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Kernel version NT 6.2
CPU Architecture x86
Edition Ultimate
BIOS date March 1, 2011

Windows 8 build 7955 (with a builtag of 6.2.7955.0.fbl_srv_wdacxml.110228-1930) is a build of Windows 8. It was leaked to BetaArchive on April 25, 2011.



Default wallpaper

The default wallpaper is a green, checkered area with something like a crossword puzzle and the note "shhh... let's not leak our hard work". The opinions whether the puzzle can be solved are divided. As of 2020, nobody has found a working solution.

The other included wallpapers are the ones already known from Windows 7.


Aero Lite start menu

This build includes a modified Aero theme and the new, unfinished Aero Lite theme. The Basic and Classic themes have been removed and were replaced with the new Aero Lite theme, which, like Classic, uses colors rather than image resources to render, but is being hosted in a .msstyles file instead of being hardcoded.

Future builds are rumored to have the "old" Aero theme replaced by a Aero Lite theme with transparency and other DWM effects.


The Aero theme has been modified in a few locations.

  • The Caption buttons have been enlarged, probably for easier use with tablets.
  • The "lone" close button used on dialogs has a more narrow shape.
  • Caption text doesn't have a glow, but on captions with text a semi-transparent white area is rendered.
  • The left, right and bottom borders don't have blur, though this is probably a bug in DWM. Extended glass is rendered correctly.
  • A registry hack can be used to fully remove the blur effect. This feature was present in early Windows Vista/7 builds.

Aero Lite

Window Color and Appereance; Picture: "High Contrast White"

The Aero Lite theme is the replacement for the basic theme and classic themes. As in classic themes you can customize the colors of different window elements.

The major difference is that Aero Lite is rendered using the DWM, so Windows 8 probably won't contain the old theming engine which directly uses the CPU. For compatibility with old machines or mobile devices like tablets, a WDDM-compatible rendering device can be emulated, but the performance is reported to be pretty bad.


Various changes have been applied to several user interface elements.


Windows Explorer has underwent some changes. In this build, the Superbar contains two new items:

  • "User Tile", provides quick access to user specific settings and logging of/switching user
  • "Input Indicator", can be used to easily switch between keyboard layouts. The shortcut [Win+A] functions like [Alt+Tab] for Applications.

The file manager also has been modified:

  • A ribbon interface for Explorer can be unlocked
  • There's an additional "Up" button left to the breadcrumb bar
  • The breadcrumb bar has better Drag&Drop support
  • The details pane has been moved to the right side, at the bottem a small status bar is displayed instead
  • A "Smart Screen" filter prevents unknown applications from being run
  • Library's icons can be changed
  • An "Applications" folder containing all installed applications can be unlocked


The crossword in the desktop background was solved a few years later and it turned out to be "START ME UP", a reference to the Windows 95 promotional ad.[1]