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{{infobox Buildinfo
{{infobox Buildinfo
|image = Windows_8_7862.jpg
|image = Windows_8_7862.jpg
|imagecaption = "Windows 8" Build 6.2.7867
|imagecaption = Windows RT 6.2.7867
|kernel = NT 6.2
|kernel = NT 6.2
|arch = ARM
|arch = ARM

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Windows 8 7862.jpg
Windows RT 6.2.7867
Kernel version NT 6.2
CPU Architecture ARM
Edition unknown
BIOS date unknown
Key and TCB link {{{tcb_link}}}

This build with the build number of 6.2.7867 was shown running on an ARM processor at the CES 2011 in Arizona, USA.

As this build's lab isn't working on new features, but on ARM compatibility, there are only minor changes in the user interface: the window title centered instead of aligned to the left, the caption buttons are slightly bigger than in Windows 7 and an IE 9 build is used instead of IE 8 RTM. The characteristic "User Tile" seen in the older Build 7850 isn't present here or disabled and the desktop picture is one already seen in Windows 7 instead of the blue M1 wallpaper.


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