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2000 1592.GIF
Windows NT 5.0.1592.1
Kernel version NT 5.0
CPU Architecture x86
Edition Sever
BIOS date 31 July (07) 1997
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Windows NT 5.0 build 1592.1 is the earliest leaked Server SKU compilation of Windows NT 5.0, which became Windows 2000. Apart from being a server edition, this build does not differ much from the previous leaked build, 1585.1, however it seems to be a bit slower. It looks like the most noticeable changes are just some icons - now there is "My Documents" icon on the desktop, there are also some more icons in Quick Launch toolbar (including "Show desktop"). In Explorer's windows the navigation buttons are much bigger and have text labels enabled by default.

Internet Explorer has been updated to version 4.0 Platform Preview build 4.71.1007.0.

Known issues


  • The original ISO is bootable, however soon after it boots an error (BSOD) shows up and computer reboots. This build has to be installed either by booting computer from floppy disk (for example using Windows 98 boot disk) or hard disk (for example using existing DOS installation) and then launching \I386\WINNT.EXE from the 1585.1 CD. It is also possible to upgrade from existing Windows NT 4 installation.

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