Windows 10 TH2

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Windows 10 TH2
Windows 10 Build 10586.png
Windows 10 November Update
Preliminary name
Threshold 2
Kernel version NT 10.0 (version 1511)
CPU architecture x86, x64, ARM
Release date 2015-11-12
Support end 2017-10-10
Preceded by Windows 10
Succeeded by Windows 10 RS1

Windows 10 November Update is the first major update to Windows 10. It addresses some of the bugs and inconsistencies found in the first RTM release of Windows 10 build 10240 (TH1) whilst adding some new features to the operating system.


Build 10525

  1. Updated color options.

Build 10532

  1. Consistency of context menus improved.
  2. Windows Feedback now allows users to share feedback with others.

Build 10547

  1. Major improvements to Start menu, offers more tile options. Start menu can now handle up to 2048 apps from 512 in 10240 (RTM).
  2. Multiple improvements to Tablet mode.
  3. Windows background can now be removed from the initial log in screen.
  4. Preview of Object RTC introduced for developers in Microsoft Edge.
  5. Multiple improvements to text input panel.

Build 10565

  1. New Skype messaging video features and Quick replies features can now be used.
  2. Microsoft Edge can now show tab previews.
  3. Syncing feature introduced in Microsoft Edge.
  4. Multiple improvements on Cortana, can now recognize ink commands.
  5. Title bars now appear darker.
  6. Minor adjustments and improvements on the Start menu.
  7. New icons introduced.
  8. Product key from Windows 7/8.1 used to upgrade a PC can now be used in the Windows 10 setup.
  9. The last printer used is now set as the default printer.
  10. Multiple bug fixes.

Build 10576

  1. Microsoft Edge can now be used to cast using DLNA and Miracast.
  2. Cortana can now be used inside a PDF in Microsoft Edge.
  3. Multiple bug fixes.

Build 10586

  1. Multiple bug fixes.
  2. This is the first major update to Windows 10 RTM.


  1. On 2015-11-22, Microsoft pulled the update from its servers and Windows Update, stating that a bug in 10586 upon updating from the RTM version of Windows 10 would fail to carry over the current privacy settings. Thus, Windows would automatically set default privacy values. Also issues with Windows PE were reported. Microsoft said that they will release the update 'over time'.


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