Windows 10 RS2

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Windows 10 RS2
Windows 10 Build 15063.png
Windows 10 Creators Update
Preliminary name
Redstone 2
Kernel version NT 10.0 (version 1703)
CPU architecture x86, x64, ARM
Release date 2017-04-11
Support end 2019-10-08
Preceded by Windows 10 RS1
Succeeded by Windows 10 RS3

Windows 10 Creators Update is the third major update to Windows 10. This carries on the constant development of Windows 10 post RS1. It addresses some of the bugs and introduces new features to Windows 10.


Build 14901

  1. Notifications within File Explorer

Build 14905

  1. Fixes for Edge
  2. CTRL + O Shortcut in Edge to focus the address bar
  3. Fixed an issue with Sketchpad and Screen Sketch crashing

Build 14915

  1. Improved app and update downloads
  2. Bug fixes

Build 14926

  1. Snooze in Microsoft Edge
  2. Apps will not be reinstalled with updates
  3. Pin login improved

Build 14931

  1. Feedback Hub Update
  2. Maps App Update
  3. Send SMS with Skype Preview
  4. Native support for USB Audio 2.0

Build 14936

  1. New Extensions in Microsoft Edge
  2. Authentication changes affecting connectivity to NAS devices and home file servers
  3. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Updates

Build 14942

  1. Hide app list on Start
  2. Photos app update
  3. Refined precision touchpad experience
  4. Improved PC upgrade experience
  5. New Windows Update icon
  6. Service hosts are split into separate processes on PCs with 3.5 GB+ of RAM
  7. Expanded Active Hours default range
  8. Form field navigation in Narrator

Build 14951

  1. Refined the customization experience for precision touchpad
  2. Windows Ink Improvements
  3. Added Inking in Photos
  4. Simplified, more familiar camera interface
  5. Simplified developer experience
  6. Narrator improvements
  7. Official Ubuntu 16.04 support
  8. Windows / WSL interoperability

Build 14955

  1. Outlook Mail & Calendar Update
  2. Context Awareness in Narrator

Build 14959

  1. Unified Update Platform
  2. Controlling the Display Scaling of your Virtual Machines

Build 14965

  1. Easier control of external monitors from tablets
  2. Updated Sticky Notes
  3. Windows Ink Workspace improvements
  4. Improved Hyper-V VM experience

Build 14971

  1. Read EPUB books in Microsoft Edge
  2. Paint 3D Preview app
  3. PowerShell in the Shell
  4. Improved Typing Experience with Japanese and Chinese Input Method Editors (IMEs)
  5. Get Office (Beta)

Build 14986

  1. Turn off your computer and change volume with voice commands with Cortana
  2. Control music playback with Cortana
  3. Cortana can now recognize music for customers in China
  4. Cortana full screen when idle
  5. Sign into Cortana with a work or school account
  6. Enterprise Cloud Printing
  7. Windows Game Bar improved full-screen support
  8. Resume previous screen sketches in Windows Ink
  9. Updated Ink Flyout Visuals
  10. Finer control over ruler rotation
  11. Cursor will no longer be shown while inking
  12. New Extensions in Microsoft Edge
  13. Updated Rendering Technology
  14. Narrator improvements
  15. New Windows Defender dashboard
  16. Registry Editor improvements
  17. Improved Update Experience
  18. Chinese IME Improvements
  19. Line Mode for Chinese (Simplified) Handwriting
  20. Japanese IME Improvements

Build 15002

  1. Tab preview bar in Edge
  2. Set tabs aside in Edge
  3. Jump List for Microsoft Edge
  4. Flash Click-to-Run in Edge
  5. Web Payment support in Edge
  6. Tile Folders in Start
  7. Updated Windows Share experience
  8. Capture a region of your screen
  9. Improved high-DPI support for desktop apps
  10. Smooth Window Resize
  11. Desktop Icon Placement and Scaling Improvements
  12. Simplified and faster VPN access
  13. Improved sign-in dialog for apps
  14. Lunar Calendar support for the Taskbar
  15. Windows Ink Improvements
  16. Easier discovery of Cortana’s app-specific commands
  17. More recurrence options for Reminders
  18. Keyboard shortcut change for invoking Cortana
  19. A more inclusive experience out of the box
  20. Narrator support for WinPE and WinRE
  21. Braille support in Windows
  22. Narrator Improvements
  23. Improved legibility for UWP apps in high contrast
  24. Windows Defender Improvements
  25. Toggle in Windows Update to exclude driver updates
  26. New Display Settings options
  27. Lower Blue Light option in Settings
  28. New per app Surface Dial settings
  29. Windows Personalization now supports recent colors
  30. Windows Theme Management in Settings
  31. Improved Cross-Device Experiences Settings
  32. Metered Ethernet Connection Support
  33. Improving your precision touchpad experience
  34. Quick Virtual Machine Creation in Hyper-V
  35. Improved update experience
  36. Windows Information Protection improvements for business customers
  37. Input Method Editor (IME) Improvements
  38. BSOD is now GSOD

Build 15007

  1. Microsoft Edge Improvements
  2. Download themes for your PC from the Windows Store [Coming Soon]
  3. Cortana can help you pick up where you left off
  4. Inline progress bar for notifications
  5. Scrollbar improvements for UWP
  6. Windows Hello Enrollment Improvements
  7. Rainbow Flag
  8. New Bluetooth APIs
  9. Keyboard navigation improvements for the Snipping Tool

Build 15014

  1. Purchase and read e-books
  2. Lighter shade for Cortana’s search box
  3. Bigger text in notifications for Cortana
  4. Pick a custom accent color
  5. Automatically free up space
  6. Merged Wi-Fi settings under “Wi-Fi services” section in Settings app
  7. New power slider on select Windows 10 Devices

Build 15019

  1. Xbox Gaming Features
  2. Built-in Beam streaming
  3. New Games section in Settings
  4. Game Mode
  5. Windows Game bar improved full-screen support
  6. Microsoft Edge can now read aloud
  7. Full color emoji in Microsoft Edge
  8. Improved OOBE
  9. Blue light is now night light
  10. Resize Virtual Machine Connection in Hyper-V
  11. Store app and game download progress in Action Center
  12. Improved discovery for Troubleshooters
  13. Improved high-DPI support

Build 15025

  1. Braille support in Narrator
  2. New mono audio option in Ease of Access settings
  3. Collections in Feedback Hub
  4. More night light improvements

Build 15031

  1. Compact Overlay window
  2. Dynamic Lock
  3. New Share icon
  4. Windows Game Bar improved full-screen support

Build 15042

  1. New Cortana animation in OOBE
  2. Prompt to enable Flash in Microsoft Edge
  3. Improved reading experience with Microsoft Edge

Build 15046

  1. Color of Cortana’s home on the taskbar
  2. Windows Defender Improvements
  3. Pick up where you left off in Cortana
  4. Improved translations
  5. Updated Gaming Settings icon
  6. Application Installation Control

Build 15048

  1. Bug Fixes

Build 15055

  1. Bug Fixes

Build 15058

  1. Bug Fixes

Build 15060

  1. Bug Fixes

Build 15061

  1. Bug Fixes

Build 15063

  1. Bug Fixes


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