Windows 10 RS1

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Windows 10 RS1
Windows 10 Build 14393.png
Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Preliminary name
Redstone 1
Kernel version NT 10.0 (version 1607)
CPU architecture x86, x64, ARM
Release date 2016-08-02
Support end 2019-04-09
Preceded by Windows 10 TH2
Succeeded by Windows 10 RS2

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the second major update to Windows 10. This carries on the constant development of Windows 10 post TH2. It addresses some of the bugs and introduces new features to Windows 10.


Build 11082

  1. One noticeable item is in the Control Panel; it features an infrared icon now by default
  2. Some structural improvements to OneCore

Build 11099

  1. More improvements to OneCore
  2. Copy/Moving Progress dialog is now fixed

Build 11102

  1. More improvements to OneCore

Build 11103

  1. More improvements to OneCore
  2. Multiple bug fixes

Build 14251

  1. Fixed several issues from previous builds
  2. More non-visual improvements

Build 14257

  1. Bug fixes

Build 14267

  1. Search for music easier in Cortana
  2. Favorites bar improvements in Microsoft Edge
  3. Clear browsing data when you exit Microsoft Edge
  4. Improved Download Prompts in Microsoft Edge
  5. Messaging + Skype improvements
  6. Bug fixes

Build 14271

  1. Bug fixes

Build 14279

  1. Cortana can now use more languages. It also gets more improvements in remembering things
  2. The lock screen picture is now used for both Lock and desktop background
  3. Japanese input improved
  4. Integration of Sway with the Photos app
  5. Updates to the Xbox App
  6. Multiple bug fixes

Build 14291

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Preliminary support for extensions added in Edge. Microsoft Edge can also pin tabs as well, amongst other improvements
  3. Maps and Alarms&Clock app updated
  4. Improvements to Japanese writing
  5. Feedback app introduced

Build 14316

  1. Windows Subsystem for Linux added
  2. Major improvements to Cortana
  3. Updates to Extensions to Microsoft Edge, including the addition of new ones
  4. The new Skype UWP(Universal Windows Program) app is available
  5. Action Center improved
  6. New and updated emoji
  7. Ability to universally toggle between light and dark modes
  8. Ability to use Continnum from a phone to a PC without the need of a dock using the Connect app
  9. A window can now be pinned so that it is available in every desktop when using multiple desktops
  10. The way of showing the progress shown to the user when installing this build has changed
  11. Major improvements and updates to Battery Saver
  12. Improvements to Windows Update
  13. It is now possible to comment in the Feedback Hub
  14. Placeholders for the 'Messaging Everywhere' feature allowing people to send and receive text messages from their PC's
  15. The BSOD error screen now includes a QR code
  16. Multiple bug fixes

Build 14328

  1. Updated Start experience, including improvements for tablet users
  2. The taskbar can now be hidden in Tablet Mode
  3. Windows Ink Workspace added
  4. Major improvements to the lock screen
  5. Major updates and additions to Cortana
  6. Email addresses are hidden on the lock screen
  7. Deeper file search options on OneDrive
  8. Multiple improvements to Action Center and Notifications
  9. Multiple updates to the Taskbar
  10. Improvements to the Settings app
  11. Windows Insider settings have been shifted to Settings
  12. Ability to switch virtual desktops with your touchpad
  13. Lock Screen improvements
  14. Updated credential and UAC dialog user interface
  15. File Explorer icon changed, now more monochrome. Now unpinned by default
  16. Major update to Skype Universal Windows Program app
  17. Improved battery life for Surface and other connected standby PCs
  18. Improved Japanese IME
  19. Multiple bug fixes
  20. Improvements to the Windows Subsystem for Linux

Build 14332

  1. Network access is now fully available on Bash
  2. Multiple improvements to Command Prompt
  3. Ability for Cortana to search Office 365 files
  4. Multiple bug fixes
  5. Battery life has been improved for devices that use Connected Standby

Build 14342

  1. Updates for Extensions in Microsoft Edge
  2. Real-time web notifications in Microsoft Edge
  3. Swipe navigation in Microsoft Edge
  4. Bash on Ubuntu on Windows Improvements
  5. Skype UWP Preview Update
  6. Updated Windows Ink Workspace icon
  7. Updated visuals for User Account Control dialog
  8. Middle-click for dismiss in Action Center
  9. Apps for websites
  10. Feedback Hub improvements

Build 14352

  1. Cortana Improvements
  2. Updated Sticky Notes
  3. Compass on the ruler
  4. General improvements to the Windows Ink experience
  5. Windows Game bar improved with full-screen support
  6. Feedback Hub will now show Microsoft responses
  7. Updated File Explorer icon

Build 14361

  1. LastPass extension for Microsoft Edge
  2. Hyper-V Container
  3. Windows Ink improvements
  4. Settings improvements
  5. New Blu-ray icon
  6. New icon for the network Quick Action
  7. Bug fixes

Build 14366

  1. Office Online for Microsoft Edge
  2. Windows Store Update
  3. Bug fixes

Build 14367

  1. New keyboard shortcut for Feedback Hub on PC
  2. Handwriting Recognition Language Support
  3. A new tool for a clean installation
  4. Bug fixes

Build 14371

  1. Activation Improvements
  2. Bug fixes

Build 14372

  1. Evernote Web Clipper for Microsoft Edge
  2. Bug fixes

Build 14376

  1. Bug fixes

Build 14379

  1. Bug fixes

Build 14383

  1. Bug fixes

Build 14385

  1. Bug fixes

Build 14388

  1. Bug fixes

Build 14390

  1. Bug fixes

Build 14393

  1. Bug fixes


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