Windows 10/6.3.9780.0.fbl partner eeap.140622-0937

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9780 Desktop.png
Windows 10 Build 9780
Kernel version 6.3
CPU Architecture x86
Edition Professional
BIOS date June 24, 2014
Key and TCB link {{{tcb_link}}}

Windows 10 build 9780 (with a build tag of 6.3.9780.0.fbl partner eeap.140622-0937) is a pre-release build of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. The product key is not known, and a Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional product key will not work to install this build. Therefore the ei.cfg bypass must be used.


  1. New Start Menu
  2. Charms are still accessible in Start Menu mode.
  3. Different DWM animations for opening and closing windows.
  4. "Live" Immersive UI accent colorization. If the user sets window color to "Automatic" using Control Panel personalization and restarts the computer, the color that is automatically determined will be reflected across the system. It is not available if the user selects their own color.