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Premeire Edition 1.00 is the only known build of Microsoft Windows Premeire Edition 1.00 to have been released. It was originally released on the Euro-Asian Beta Group by betaguy224 (Hiroshi Nakamura) and OBrasilo (Joao de Comoes). Later, it was released on BetaArchive by unblestone, who got it from Namronia (Norman Koch).

There is very little difference in this build from Microsoft Windows 1.01, however, it only comes on four disks, is smaller and lacks Windows Write.

Windows Premiere Edition is actually a beta: in this blog entry by Tandy Trower, who was the Project Manager on Windows 1.x. Extract (emphasis added in): But by the early summer of 1985, we were still not close to being done, so Steve [Ballmer] declared we should release a preliminary release that I dubbed the Premiere Edition, which we provided to key application vendors, analysts, and members of the press for feedback and in partial fulfillment of Ballmer’s promise to ship the product that summer.

Also noted in the same blog entry was the critical bug mentioned: Then just at the point I was starting to feel more optimistic about wrapping things up the architect of the memory management code told me he found a critical defect in its design and would need to re-write it, basically rendering all testing to date useless.


At one point in time, there was a fake "Windows 1.00" floating around, which was nothing more than a hex-edit of a few files.