Windows 1.0/Late Tandy 2000 build

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Demonstration on the Tandy 2000 personal computer

This is a pre-release build of Microsoft Windows 1.0, demonstrated on the Tandy 2000 personal computer. It was compiled between 26th June and 10th October 1984.

The CALENDAR.MOD, CALENDAR.RES and CALENDAR.TXT files suggest that the stub Calendar app (later included in Beta Release) was already under development, however, everything appears to be stored in a plain text file. This build also predates NE and uses the .MOD extension for application files, which suggests that this build is likely Development Release #3 or #4.

This build is also the last known pre-Beta Release build to have red Calculator background.


  • The status bar at the top seen in previous builds has been removed.
  • The Clipboard app was re-added.


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