Windows 1.0

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Windows 1.0
Version of Microsoft Windows
Windows 1.x Logo.png
Codename Interface Manager
Kernel 1.0
Architecture x86 (16-bit)
Latest build 1.04
Release date 1985-11-20
Support end 2001-12-31
Replaced by Windows 2.x

Windows 1.0 is the first version of Microsoft Windows that was released, and was made available for users of IBM and COMPAQ personal computers running MS-DOS and IBM PC-DOS.

Originally, Microsoft started work on a new graphical environment for MS-DOS-based personal computers, known as "Interface Manager". This environment would include support for existing MS-DOS-based applications, as well as GUI applications that were specifically designed for the new environment.

Later, at COMDEX 1983 in November, Microsoft demonstrated a new upcoming product, "Microsoft Windows", running on a personal computer with monochrome graphics, and with various applications running alongside each other in "windows".

During the course of its development, several pre-release versions of Microsoft Windows were also made available to testers and developers, including a "Development Release #5" from around November 1984, as well as later pre-release versions such as those from January 1985 (Alpha) and May 1985 (Beta).

A final preliminary release, Premiere Edition, was released to a group of users for testing Windows prior to its release. Windows 1.01, released on November 20th, 1985, was the first version of Windows to be released to general availability, whereas several more versions, Windows 1.02 and Windows 1.03, were released as more changes were made to Windows, up to, 1.04, which was released in April 1987, the latter of which also added support for the newly introduced IBM PS/2 series of personal computers which was released at that same time.


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Early development (Pre-DR5)



Press Kit

In late 1983 (over two years before Windows 1.0 was actually released), Microsoft sent out press kits which contained a squeegee (window washer) and a washcloth. It also contained an invitation to attend a press conference in New York on November 10, 1983, where the official name of Windows was released [1].

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