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Welcome to the BetaArchive Wiki Contribution Guidelines!

Please read this before contributing with any content to the Wiki.

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, this is work in progress.

Take in mind these points, so you can make sure your changes will not be reverted.

General Rules

  • Please categorise every page you create. Right now most of the pages are uncategorised. This leads to confusion and difficult to navigate through all the pages. If the category for something doesn't exists, feel free to create it, but remember to create it according to the article.
  • Make your material as original as possible. If you want to write some info, it is better that the info came from your own. This way, the wiki becomes an original source of information.
  • Reference all your material from external sources. If you can't add something from your own, but you think you can add information from another source that will worth adding here, feel free to add it (please avoid only copying and pasting), but you must reference it. Take as a starting point for referencing the APA Citation format. For example you can use this page to make an APA reference.
  • Avoid edit wars. In the past there has been people who claim that a build exists, and people who claims that a build doesn't exist. In this situations people makes changes, reverts changes, it becomes an edition war. Under this circumstances sometimes the article of the suspicious build needs to be locked. To avoid this, please discuss any editions about a suspicious build in the page's discussion.


  • Avoid using snipping tool. Most emulators or hypervisors have a screenshot feature. Screenshots look best when taken this way. If the emulator doesn't have this feature, you can use snipping tool. But always that you can, use the emulator's integrated screenshot feature.
  • No .jpg/.jpeg pictures. JPEG pictures typically aren't great quality. We are trying to preserve pictures where we can see the the text on the screen, not what color it is. PNG should be used instead.