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Recent additions removed, also corrections, please pay attention.

I have removed your recent additions to the Microsoft Windows page, and cleaned up some heavy spelling errors.
Also, you have added versions that do not exist, double/triple/quad link to the same page.

Windows:100 article contains many spellings errors, please type carefully.
You also linked on that page to this page: Premeire_Edition_1.00_-_Released_August_17th,_1985 remember, that wiki syntax is different then HTML, phpbb, php, or any other language, the correct link should have been:

[[Windows:1:Premiere_Edition | Premiere Edition]]

which looks like: Premiere Edition

I would suggest that you take an class in wikisyntax, or look on wikipedia how to use the syntax, and please read the text carefully and remove any spelling errors, if you are unsure how to type a word, use google or do not type it. --- Rob Jansen 19:19, 20 March 2010 (GMT)