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User talk:Taylorover9000

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Info and corrections

Hello, you have edited an article on BetaArchive Wiki, both articles were moved since you used the incorrect buildtag, removed some unnecessary information and correct the language (you mostly forgot that developer is spelled with deve and not dev). I don't want to keep you from editing, you're doing a great job, but before you add information, check it to be sure it is correct.

Thank You, Rob Jansen 05:51, 15 September 2011 (GMT)


Please note that most of your latest revisions have been removed due to either being controversial or wrong information.
Please keep such information out of the wiki.

Rob Jansen 13:07, 2 October 2011 (GMT) - modified on request of mrpijey : The Distractor 22:19, 2 October 2011 (GMT) -

Once again!

Once again I have undone edits since they are either:
1) Do not exist, in case of your Windows:8 edit.
2) Are totally Fake in your case of the Windows:Odyssey edit, did you not see the title of the topic?

Please note that these edits are wrong and please confirm them if they are real in the first place.
Rob Jansen 07:18, 11 October 2011 (GMT)

Regarding your Vista edit

I find your editing totally unnecesary, though I won't undo your changes. Just wondering why did you have to do it...? DeFacto 19:39, 9 December 2011 (CET)


At least I try people... at least I try. (Well, mostly try.) Besides, on Windows 8 I have put "real" builds (Such as Build 8102)

I am a fan of Microsoft Windows!

My favorite Windows Versions:

Builds 7955 - 8102 of Windows 8

Windows 7

Early Build of Windows Server 2008 R2 (6801)

Early Builds of Windows Vista (M3 - M7, M8/3790)

Mid-Builds of Windows XP (2202, 2250 - 2430)

Windows Neptune (Canceled)

Windows Nashville (Canceled)

Windows 1.0 DR5 - Beta

Early Builds of Windows 95 (56 - 189)

Early Builds of Windows 98 (1132, 1351 - 1400, 1702)

Early Build of Windows NT 3.1 (October 1991)

Early Builds of Windows NT 4.0 (1130 - 1227)

Early - Mid-Builds of Windows 2000 (1515 - 1729, 1946, 2202)

Early Builds of Windows ME (2332 - 2380)


I now have to be very careful, I have 1 ban. (Till November 11) 1 more ban (I think) and i'm GONE.

Windows Vista

I put MOST of the "Longhorn" stuff (inculding Builds) to the Vista one. I even REMOVED Windows Longhorn from the Windows list.

-I find that totally unnecesary... -DeFacto

1) Did you see topic "Windows Longhorn and Vista"?

2) Because Windows Longhorn was NOT canceled..... it was reset; sidebar ring a bell?

Andy, no offence but, longhorn WAS NOT canceled, it was reset.

Excuse me, but I believe the Longhorn/Vista/Microsoft Windows pages should be back in their original state? Vista and Longhorn are completely different. i believe we should recreate the page and name it the Development of Longhorn. i don't like the fact that you merged Vista and Longhorn together... giantsteen Well, if you HONESTLY, AND TRUELY think that Windows Vista was NOT the continued Development, pfft, than it IS possible to change them back. Cause I, of course did not delete the page, just hid it.

Longhorn and Vista are not the same thing , i vote for two seprate pages
On the basis of continued development then we should merge 2000 & Neptune & XP ???.... Nope... --Neptuneflag.pngDans34Talk 13:07, 10 December 2011 (GMT)

Please reverse the changes? giantsteen

I vote for sepparate pages. DeFacto

I already changed it, DeFacto... giantsteen

Yeah, I noticed. Thank you. ;) DeFacto

Begging and pleading definetly won't get you back.

- DeFacto

C'mon guys! Show some sympathy! —  Preceding unsigned comment added by Taylorover9000 (talkcontribs)