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Fake builds

Why don't we cover fake builds?--MCpillager - 2147483648 bytéß øf dãtâ 07:02, 11 May 2019 (BST)


Did you create this account on the Free Vandalism Wiki? MCpillager blocked it because he didn't know who created it. Thanks. --SebOno (talk | contribs | sandbox) elcomeWay otay etaArchiveBay ikiWay! 15:49, 26 May 2019 (BST)

I bet he has time for such pointless wikis. --ATeamInc (talk) 16:20, 26 May 2019 (BST)
@SebOno If he barely has time for this wiki, what makes you think he’d have time or dedicate time to MCpillager’s garbage wiki? WILSON2bGg - Plagiarism Police (talk) 17:49, 26 May 2019 (BST)
I have nothing to do with that wiki, so if an account with my name is on there it's fake and not me.--Mrpijey (talk) 09:57, 29 May 2019 (BST)