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MS-DOS article

Hello, i hope you don't mind the little corrections i've done to the DOS article that you've just created :) -Fzajac 13:15, 20 March 2010 (GMT)

About this arcitle.

By the name alone and the description, it looks like you want to do the same thing as my website.
Also free websites/hosts have their disadvantages, slow, adds, only their website builder.
I would like to know what you intend to put on that website, if its the same information as my website, you can better put your efforts in the BA Wiki.
(Because I do not like that people copy information from my site, which took already thousands of hours to create, simply copy and paste into their work, it is not fair for me.)
(Remember that this is not an attack or something, but just wanting information about that website, what its function is, what kind of information goes on there, if its the same as min or BA Wiki you can better redirect people to the BA Wiki and my site).
---Rob Jansen 09:23, 21 March 2010 (GMT)

Sonic betas

you might need to put more detail about the beta name as there are many (i think) versions/builds -underscore