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Hello to all,

I'm after64k, a developer and computer enthusiast. Oddly enough, for those interested in a bit of trivia, my username was originally meant to be after68k, to reflect the m68k architecture shared by (early) Apple Macintosh and Palm computers. But hilariously enough, while registering, I entered 64k instead thinking of a memory value, and after64k became my username since that point. And no, it's not related to 64k demos!

I mainly concentrate on Apple history and primarily use and own Apple computers. The earliest model that I personally own is the Macintosh SE 800k, and the earliest computer I've personally seen (but never used) was the Apple ][. Despite my love for Apple products, I enjoy studying the past and present of all operating systems and find that by doing so, we can all learn more about the world.

While I am for paid software, I firmly believe in the free and open source software movement, and also in the original hacker culture that helped build and nurture computers as they searched for creative ways to work with their hardware and succeeded. The desire to learn more about the past is what brought me to BetaArchive, and hopefully I can both learn and contribute as long as I am a member!

Thanks for reading!