Uru: Ages Beyond Myst/realMYST "vika.avi" Easter-Egg

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In one of Cyan's earlier games, realMYST, which used an earlier version of the same engine that URU uses (Plasma), there's an AVI file named "vika.avi".

If opened with any regular video player, you'd be presented with static. Using some clever techniques however, you can expose the real purpose of this file. It contains slides of what seems to be an early "Age" for URU (in URU, the worlds are called "Ages").

It is unknown if this age was ever meant to be in URU Live, or if it was simply an age they made for testing the engine.

In addition to these AVI stills, Cyan released another screenshot of Vika on their website. The original JPG was named "StillOne.jpg".