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Some information about Neptunes compile date and its (nonexistent) buil tag

Since there seems to be some confusion about whether Neptune 5111 did have a build tag or not I decided to post this here. Fact is, the first known Windows build which has a build tag is Whistler 2202, the complete tag is 5.00.2202.1 (ntvbl06.000202-1835). Neptune 5111 definitely does not have such a build tag, it's complete version number is 5.50.5111.1, nothing more. If you can show me one file of Neptune with a build tag and I will revoke this, but I am sure there isn't such a file.

And now the incomplete build tag which has been removed by me (5111.1.main.991227-????), well, I have it seen on Wikipedia some time ago, too, and I think some people came up with that, because Neptune 5111 has been released to testers on December 27, 1999. But if you check the ISO yourself, you'll notice that there is no file older than 1999-12-10 and the DOSNET.INF also says DriverVer=12/10/1999,5.50.5111.1, which means Neptune 5111 has been compiled on December 10, 1999.

--Daniel 19:04, 7 April 2010 (GMT)