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Article vandalism highly possible

This article is an high risk to vandalism.
The current list are all possible versions where information can found on, other versions.

Recent additions removed, reason.

The main reason for deletion was because of:
1) 5 times links to the Windows 1, 2, more then 10 to Windows 3.
2) Version like 3.12, 3.30, 3.50 are not real.

Please, keep the page as it is, do not double/triple/quadruble/etc/etc/etc link to pages, spelling errors, leaving pages unlinked. --- Rob Jansen 19:07, 20 March 2010 (GMT)

Vandalism Reported

Vandalism reported to Andy 4-6-2012 on the merging of Longhorn and Vista. Majority wanted seperation, but regardless people vandalised the page after numerous notifications to stop. Hopefully Andy can fix the problem.

Need to move all the content in the page to an annex

The page was moved into a category, because something needs to contain all the Microsoft Windows Operating systems for organisation. Otherwise they're spread and left to the luck of whoever searches them -SIstemaRayoXP