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Member Groups and Privileges
The '''<span style="color:blue">VIP Members</span>''' group you can get in by the following means: Donate US$5.00 or GBP2.50 or more, or with 750 posts and being an Advanced Member, you will need to PM Andy to get accepted.<br>This will give you access to the VIP Forums.
The '''<span style="color:red">Advanced Members</span>''' group you can get in by posting [ 10 '''contributing''' posts] and then requesting access by joining the group in the User Control Panel.<br>This will give you access to most of the restricted forums and you can get an FTP account with 50gb per day and locked to your IP.<br>'''<span style="color:green">linuxlove</span>''' [ made a good tutorial] for connecting to the BetaArchive FTP.
Members in the '''Registered users''' group can post freely in unlocked sections and you can now PM members and make contributing posts to get into the '''<span style="color:red">Advanced Members</span>''' group.

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