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Mac OS X is now just macOS: new section
So taking this criteria in mind, you would write in the Vista article only one article per Milestone, and include in this or in another article the inidivual sections for each build inside this Milestone. It's hard for me to explain this, so I will organise an article this way to show you what I'm referring to -[[User:SistemaRayoXP| SistemaRayoXP]] GMT-6 15:46 11/01/2019
== Mac OS X is now just macOS ==
Recently the Mac Operating System has changed names. To refer to OS 10.0-10.5 you must say Mac OS X. To refer to OS 10.6-10.11 you must say OS X. To refer to OS 10.12-10.14+ you must say macOS. To refer to OS 6-9 you must say Mac OS or MacOS Classic. So in resume macOS is completely valid for OS X

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